Cosmeceuticals- why should you consider them?

"My skin is fine! Right? I mean I drink my water, use high SPF when it's hot, and already use expensive cosmetics. And It's not like I'm exposed to pollution.."


It is true that generally taking care of your health and drinking plenty of water is the first step. 

But we should all ideally use light-protection daily, not just when the sun is bright (those rare occasions). 

And cosmetics, expensive or otherwise, only have an effect on the outer, dead skin layers.

And we are all, to varying extents, exposed to environmental pollution.


When you consult a doctor, he/she will advise on the best treatment based on their assessment.

Your skin type must be assessed, including how fair or dark you are (Fitzpatrick skin type), whether you have dry/oily/mixed skin, whether you have acne, scars, the extent of sun (photo)-damage and pigment. 


Everyone is affected by 'chronological ageing' as this is genetically programmed and unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it.

We should focus our attention on 'extrinsic ageing', which includes photo-aging, environmental pollution and cigarette smoking. Clearly we can protect ourselves at least partly from these factors. So avoiding intense sun exposure and cigarette smoking will help prevent (further damage)

Unfortunately everyone is exposed to pollution

Your lifestyle will also be considered in relation to how committed you can be to a particular prescribed regimen (sadly us men are notoriously poor at following directions!)


Ultimately cosmeceuticals are different from cosmetics in that they reach the living layers of skin and actually affect the behaviour and development of the skin.

Your doctor may also discuss (should discuss!) skin peels as a related topic as a way of adding to the benefits of cosmeceutical. 

And with an assessment and advice, you can make an informed choice.