Digging for beauty

Digging for beauty- in the name of health


A recent visit to my Irish home brought back some old memories.


It coincided with the recent opening of “Home Place”, a facility dedicated to celebrating the life and works of Seamus Heaney.

Although he was born a generation ahead of me, we nonetheless share some common ground.


He was born less than 10 miles from me and he had similar farming origins.

He attended the primary school where my sister teaches and attended St Columb’s boarding school, at the same time as my father.

I studied his poetry at school.


In one of my favourite poems “digging” he reflects on the differences and similarities of his career path compared to his predecessors.

While I acknowledge that parallels are limited, I felt such a connection with Home and the similar beginnings that led to a different path.


I now combine health and beauty, using an evolving craft.

And a different kind of pen.




“Between my finger and my thumb

The squat pen rests.

I'll dig with it.”