Lip sync..

Usually refers to a technical term for “matching lip movements with pre-recorded sung or spoken vocals..”


We think it should also refer to the procedure of rejuvenation of the ageing lip.


A previous blog called “ lips, camera, action! ” included lots of information about the ageing lip as well as technical information about relevant measurements.


Basically, as we age our lips become thin and they lose their curves. The upper lip flattens hiding the upper teeth, the lips turn downwards and the mouth descends, exposing the lower teeth. The result is a change in the smile.


As the mouth is the focus of the lower face, it is critical in the ageing process. Any treatment to rejuvenate or wind the clock back must consider the mouth.

We need to synchronise the mouth with the rest of the face, aiming for a more youthful harmonious result where nothing stands out.


Many patients worry about having a “trout pout” and basically a result that’s not in keeping with the rest of the face.


We encourage our patients to bring a photograph of themselves from 10-20yrs ago and use that as a benchmark for that individual. It is often surprising how adding a little volume and definition can improve the smile and make our patients feel like they want to use it!


So remember…  lip sync